Comic 18 - The young padawan learns well...

18th Mar 2011, 1:15 PM
The young padawan learns well...
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laughingwarlock 18th Mar 2011, 1:15 PM edit delete
This comic was delayed by three days because of some personal and academic stuff. Don't worry, things didn't get bad. They just got busy.


Onecanofsprite 18th Mar 2011, 1:23 PM edit delete reply
Awesome learner.
FFAA 18th Mar 2011, 2:26 PM edit delete reply
I love his face in the last panel
DSW 18th Mar 2011, 2:47 PM edit delete reply
Passing the torch.
Jrade 18th Mar 2011, 3:01 PM edit delete reply
...good...good! Let the hate flow through you...
Fragmented 19th Mar 2011, 5:38 AM edit delete reply
Brilliant..... BUT, she SHOULDA said it was Billy's DOG they beat, because then Billy would be in like quadruple uple trouble.

However I'm liking trolls less and less the more I read and enjoy this. Seriously, it's the weirdest thing, the more I hate trolls, the more I like this comic.
eternalbeliever 20th Mar 2011, 3:07 PM edit delete reply
Haha this comic is really good, trolls are interesting.
laughingwarlock 20th Mar 2011, 7:47 PM edit delete reply
@Fragmented Ah, but Billy Larton's dog was already found back in comic #2, so his parents would know something's up quite quickly if they went that route. (oh god I'm awful)

@Everyone. Thanks for the comments. As always, I'm totally blown away. Seriously, thanks.
Fragmented 23rd Mar 2011, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
Oh damn! That was Billy Larton?! I totally forgot about that! XD Holy crap, great continuity man!
pseudo 13th Apr 2011, 7:33 PM edit delete reply
This is great. I keep going back and forth on liking or not the pattern-shading. It looks great in some panels, like newsprint or optical illusion art, but sometimes it is distracting. Drawing, story, and lettering are all well done. Reading the rest now.