My theory on Slenderman
by laughingwarlock

So if you don't know who Slenderman is, he's basically the first Internet created horror icon. With origins starting on a simple Photoshop forum, he's soon become akin to the loch ness monster on these here tubes these days.

Yeah, when you see it, you'll shit bricks. I could go on about the details and all, but I think know your meme does a much better job than I ever could.

And if you'd like to see a good web series with him, check out Marble Hornets.

And if you want to see him parodied to the point of hilarious absurdity, check out this.

There's several other web blogs and podcasts out there if that doesn't full fill your not so slender needs, but right now I'm going to assume you know enough about the character to like him, fear him, and wonder exactly WHAT is he? He sure as hell harkens back to Lovecraft and his eldritch horrors. The monster that exists in our world beyond the precipice of our understanding only to strike down people who ultimately get to close to him. The feeing that, if he so desired, he could strike down any living creature at random at well. Yet there's still something altogether different about him that separates him from the literature fiction of a hundred years past. There's certainly that same unknown horror in him, but in an altogether way. The question is... why?

I firmly believe that Slenderman is the slasher villain personification of quantum physics.

Allow me to explain. A key element of quantum physics is that something won't exist until you know it does. it's a weird paradox that only makes sense in practice, which can be done always and never. Confused yet? Basically, the more you know about certain things of the universe, they more they're defined. A particle in a box will only be green when you have the lid open and are looking right at it and all its greenness. When the lid is closed, it actually is any color in the universe.

Now, if you look at the Slenderman mythos, who are the primary victims? That's right. Inquisitive small children and film students who are sticking their noses into places that don't belong.

That's right. These victims are people are those who would be inclined to find out about what exactly Slenderman is. And, as they learn more about him, he continues to be defined in reality. And  in turns puts them in danger.

Slenderman is the particle in the box. You don't know what it is, who he is, how exactly he works, and how he does it. He exists on a different plane than us and at the same time doesn't exist at all... until we decide to find out otherwise. The more you look into what Slenderman is, the more you watch his web series, and the more you find out, the more in danger you are. Because he becomes real in your mind and outside it. He could be an entirely different abomination for two separate people and a passing glance for anyone else who just doesn't care.

And I made you watch the web series. So now you're in as much danger as I am. Ha ha.