Toonami Aired on Cartoon Network for April Fools Day Prank
by laughingwarlock

This is the biggest nerd happy moment of my life.

And it was brought about as an act of trolling.

You see why I love it, people?


by laughingwarlock

For those of you who didn't believe me about the whole Batman thing...
by laughingwarlock

Is it just me, or does this work a little too well?

Fuck Yeah
by laughingwarlock

This is what I did during college.
by laughingwarlock

Hey guys. I collected all the comics I did for school newspapers, magazines, and other websites during my time at college and put it into a book. You can buy it online on lulu if you want by clicking the picture above or you can just view all the comics for free on my deviantart account (Well, most of them. I did make one page of comics exclusively for this book). Yeah, I wanted to do this because every year the Brandeis Comic Book Club gets a certain amount of funds in order to add a few more additions to their library, which they then lend out to other members. Figured this was a good chance to leave my legacy behind. And my legacy includes:

  • A series of newspaper strips involving a talking owl doing jokes related to odd events that happened on campus entitled "Judge B Owl."
  • A rap battle with Milk Puns followed by the two contenders taking a baby on a 20-page story to a restaurant run by washed up forgotten gods called "Planet Holywood."
  • The story of a pirate who conquered the sea with a magical pair of dentures.

Like I said, all the stuff is free on my deviantart account regardless. So if you'd like to save your money until Allan Allander: Professional Forum Troll book 1 comes out this August, that's cool too.

As always, thanks for reading guys! You're the best!